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Heat Pumps

Heat pump FAQ: Will my home have space for a heat pump?

Like many householders in the UK, you may be looking into a heat pump as a new me
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Gas Boiler Installation

Nearly 12m UK homes need energy retrofitting in five years

To achieve the UK Government’s net-zero objective enhancing the energy efficien
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What are common measures for a home retrofit? Introducing our interactive Cosy House

We’re often asked about the most common measures to have implemented on a home
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Solar PV & Battery

Will solar PV save you money on energy bills? It depends…

With energy bills going through the roof, you may be considering having Solar PV
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Why Cocuun?

You’ve got one opportunity to get grants to improve your home and reduce your energy bills and it’s critical you choose a company that’ll get you the max’ grant possible for the biggest savings. Cocuun can uniquely do this because we’re the only regional company accredited to deliver you all qualifying products (incl’ insulation, windows, doors, boilers, solar, heat pumps, etc) via our Whole House Retrofit Trustmark certification. Unlike most other suppliers who only offer limited products, we won’t just try and sell you insulation because that’s all we offer. Obviously that’s complete nonsense because you’ll get less grant money and you’ll not achieve maximum bill savings. Ask to see what their Trustmark certification covers so you don’t miss out!