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Helping Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Utility companies & landlords upgrade buildings to slash carbon emissions via a ‘Whole House Retrofit’ approach

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Local Authorities

Housing Associations

Utility Companies



Why Cocuun?

We’re certified by Trustmark to deliver all retrofit measures via our ‘Whole House Retrofit’ approach to GUARANTEE you’ll obtain maximum energy efficiency savings per property at lowest cost from a single delivery company.

Whole House Retrofit is a comprehensive approach that transforms your home into an energy-efficient haven. By combining various energy-saving measures, this innovative solution maximizes energy efficiency and reduces carbon emissions.

Our team has collective experience >200 years at delivering retrofit measures to 1000’s of different properties so you can be sure you’ll get quality results delivered on time

Our accreditations are second to none so you can be sure you’re contracting with a firm of exceptional ESG credentials