5 simple ways to lower your environmental impact at home

In the wake of the global climate emergency, most of us are taking stock of our own personal impact on our environment.  Currently, it is estimated that 17 million UK homes have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of C or below….

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A guide to cavity wall insulation

In this series of retrofit measures blogs, we’ll be explaining different retrofit measures which can improve the energy efficiency of homes – reducing energy usage to cut energy bills and carbon emissions, and improve the comfort of your home. We’ll include…

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What are common measures for a home retrofit? Introducing our interactive Cosy House

We’re often asked about the most common measures to have implemented on a home during retrofit to improve energy efficiency. So, we’ve created our very own interactive Cosy House to show you what some of these common measures are – as…

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Heat Pumps

Heat pump FAQ: Will my home have space for a heat pump?

Like many householders in the UK, you may be looking into a heat pump as a new method to heat your home, but do you have enough space for one? Most heat pumps (ground source, air source, or water source) used for home…

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Gas Boiler Installation

Nearly 12m UK homes need energy retrofitting in five years

To achieve the UK Government’s net-zero objective enhancing the energy efficiency of homes is critical. New analysis indicates that currently, there are 12.6 million properties in England with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or lower, and these properties…

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